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Virtually Overhauling old trucks.

It would be an interesting game play to put a 3408T cat in a needle nose 524 kenworth with other things like eaton fuller or what ever prefered transmission and air suspension.  My envisionment is the option to buy a model like this a restore it from rust bucket.


Feed back, does think this is a waste of player time versus reward?

So, customising trucks?

Yeah, in my head I'm thinking of the Ui scripting it would necessitate.  No I don't know a lot,  but from a game like 18wos I learned how the 'index/reading' works in a program.   However that was not my thought in the original post.  It would require the ability to own multiple trucks.  So a "frame" (I don't remember the code term) with power out put zerp and other stats zero.  But labeled rusted/defunct wheel/ motor etc.  And the player would have to save up money to restore or overhaul the the 'frame'.

Possible, but much further down the line. Would have to gauge interest first as it seems quite a game changer.

I was looking into cargo weights, and after some searching for trailer weights truck weights and then the amount allowed minus the the 40 ton limit I thought, forget this, a 40000 lb standard seems great. ROFL

I like the idea of a wider range of customization. Truthfully, I'd rather see newer trucks. I'll take that first before customization, but its a great idea.

I used to work as a mechanic in the industry. Mainly a Diesel facility and at the Main plant at Kenworth. Some trucks are more custom than others off the assembly line. This is splitting hairs though, and I think there are more pressing needs in the game than that. I like the accessories offered in the current game...maybe more add-ons?

Speaking of which... has anyone seen the new Flow-Below technology out there on the highway? I personally like classic lines on a truck, but I recently caught a glimpse of a Freightliner Cascadia with this Flow-Below attachments. Wow, nice looking truck.. anyway, that would be a nice "accessory'" in the game.. or purchasing a new truck with that tech.