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TruckingSim Trucking League

Would imagine it would be the same as it was when we first started. 10 XP'x, 45000 miles and $7500 to start the company. But then I don't know cause he hasn't said anything about it yet on how it will work. Maybe he will just make up the companies according to how many wants to play it.

First thing... There will not be any driver resets.  I'm not asking people to give up on drivers they have been building up for years.

As far as how it will work, there are some basics that will stay the same from season to season (if we end up doing more than one and it's working overall).  These are:

  • - Each season will be it's own thing.  There will only be one season at a time and all company teams that have decided to compete in the given season will be a part of it.
  • - Based on the current season setting, we will fill up company teams to hopefully get each team with the same number of drivers (unless a team doesn't want a full set of drivers for some reason, but I think that would put them at a big disadvantage)
  • - The leader of the team will create the new company (with the given season name format as I specified in another post) and then other drivers will join that company.  Before the season starts, no deliveries may be in route, not contracts bid on, etc.  There will be a set start time that all activity for the season may begin.  If a team does not comply with that, they will forfeit from the start.

Some things that will change from season to season:

  • - The actual competition... sometimes it will be based on company $'s earned, others could be based on # of contracts delivered... or any other thing we can reliably measure.  I think it will mostly be based on company dollars earned, but open to anything.
  • - # of drivers per company team
  • - Other rules... for 1st season, we'll include contracts.  I could see future season not allowing any contract routes, just routes utilizing the normal ppm of the cargos.  This is easy to track because we can see if a company/driver has won/run a contract.

I'm sure there will be things I/we didn't think of in the first try at this, so hopefully it will be something people enjoy and we can expand on it for future seasons.

There is very little I can do to change the game from how it currently works, so that will be a limitation.

There are other things I can do as a moderator/admin which will help with this.  For example, I can delete companies when we are done with the season.  I can monitor for cheating... while people can still cheat / exploit bugs, there are some common sense things we can see too and if it cannot be explained, then it will be considered against the rules of the season and the driver/team will be eliminated from contention and/or suspended, possibly removed from game.

Let's continue to bring up questions / issues to try and think of as much as we can before getting started, but like I said earlier, please be understanding that there might be loopholes that were not considered.  It's better to share them with me or make them public than trying to exploit them in a shady way.

I love the idea of balancing the number of drivers on the teams.  Also, this will also have different people on your team, which might expand the social part of th game.  It would be best if the XP levels for the teams would be similar, that should really eliminate any need for a reset.  What time frame are you thinking about for a season.  Thanks for doing this and I think it should add some fun.

If this threa is any indication, there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest.  Hope that is not the case.

Alfie, I was thinking the same thing 🙁

Just wondering if all companies or drivers are aware of this new undertaking--may take time.

Fascinating, so the time investment is up to the individual, other variables are random, driver maximum fixed.

From: Nturn427 To: J_Fix2
Subject: RE: Company
Message: My name is Noah. Please come back to the company. I only got the contract because we had five drivers and I thought that we would be able to complete it. I am in contact with TruckersXpress and have informed him of your previous PM.
Please come back before I report you to moderation.
I have copied in Xpress to show him what you say. If you PM me only, I will just forward it on to Xpress and I will report you to dattac.

Noah, never explained to me why he would tell Cowboy I took up the contract and left.

{[(40000/24)(5)]168}= 1400000 pounds.

The sum of  haul weight divided by twenty four hours multiplied by the number of trucks, multiplied by the time left to deliver.  The sum of which represents the weight to be moved in a period of time.

{[(40000/24)(5)]144}= 1200000

{[(40000/24)(5)]120}= 1000000



Quote from dattac on March 16, 2019, 12:34 pm

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No need to create a forum account for each one of your driver accounts, just one will do.  You must provide a valid email because the forum will send you a verification link in order to join.

Here's a piece of the first post about this idea...

The TruckingSim Trucking League (TSTL) is meant to be some added fun / challenge to the existing game.  Each season, competitors will join together as teams to create new companies to directly compete against each other.  In a season, there will be a different number of max drivers allowed per team, different challenges, varied lengths of the season and other factors that will look to add some excitement back into the game.

What I can do is just put one of my drivers in a company elect CEO and reset them, however is it 'fair' to put them money in the stocks before reset to keep it?  Yes by the way if one resets they do not lose the stocks.