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To 'train' future contract managers.

-time zone madness
It will be important to know the times the contract bidding ends and begins, in your own time zone clock number.  Here are some numbers that will cover most.
The contract bidding end times are
00:30   08:30,   16:30 (CEST)
2:30am, 10:30am, 6:30pm (EDT)
1:30am, 9:30am,  5:30pm (CT)
12:30am,8;30am,  4:30pm (MT)

-[How to derive your time zone from the CEST?
CEST is +2 hours ahead of the UTC/GMT* clock
MT is -6 hours behing the UTC, the dfference is that
there is an eight hour difference.  When you go across the GMT line, add* the negative number to be subtracted*.]

-Determining if a contract is the right size for your company.
Through boredom I have been motivated to figure some math.
Let us consider the standard time allowed per contract is seven days or 168 hours (maybe two more then this, but consider that time for trucks to get to the loading docks of the cargo supply).
Let us Consider each truck carrying 40000lbs (you could go to 41000lbs if you sure that everyone in the company's truck can haul that weight and want to increase the accuracy).
Let us consider this formula;
[168/12000000]/{[(40000)(1)]/24} = 4.287,
This a formula I use to determine the number of trucks required to complete a contract.
The {[()]} indicate multiplication and should be followed in that order of inner to outer.
The / indicates a division.


The alternative to timezones, is to have a countdown clock as i have imagined. having a countdown until bidding ends lets all players know how long they have to bid irrespective of timezone.