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Ppm, Payment per mile for virtual driving.


Just an aside to my earlier comment. I conducted an experiment using both Truckingsim and American Trucking Simulator. I applied real world fuel prices (Whatever city you ended up in I researched the average price of diesel at the truckstops in the area x gallons used on trip)and real world PPM's (.35 to as high as 2.00 PPM) to routes. I added a basic cost for food (Figuring fast food, Diners, and getting groceries) as well as a Maintenance cost (Derived from an average based on a knowledgeable You-Tube trucker) weekly.

Factoring in a truck payment ($1100-$2800/Mo.. New or fairly new truck)…. lets just say, you're hard pressed to make ends meet. As of right now I've got about $300 in my wallet... and that's it. If I factored in one major breakdown say every year... realistic or not, if it happened now, I would be broke.

That's realism... if you could simulate all of those factors and survive as either a driver or company owner, that's saying something.

Yes, it isn't just clicking a button or series of buttons.. its actually a "Simulator", which causes us to expend a little more brain power.

Escapism? Where is the escape hatch? :>  (Advocate of the whiny)

I guess I went off on a tangent. I realize its a diversion from the real world, an escape.

The realism for me IS the diversion... or the escape. I'm not an over the road driver, nor will I probably ever be. I guess I want it to be as close as it can be simulated.

Quote from AerodyneNine on May 27, 2019, 8:04 pm

I guess I went off on a tangent. I realize its a diversion from the real world, an escape.

The realism for me IS the diversion... or the escape. I'm not an over the road driver, nor will I probably ever be. I guess I want it to be as close as it can be simulated.

You give up to easily, the ones that whine are the ones who don’t want the responsibility of deadlines, and hence the ones you can’t rely on in a game of team effort.  Legitimate reasons for not having time are such, because I’m bored; then that means they need to watch comedy.

Yeah, I guess I'm just trying to be nice.  I used to be not so nice in the old forum. I didn't play well with others. I'm trying to be reformed...

As long as I have your attention, where do you sit on the realism scale? As a developer of the new and improved "Truckingsim", I am curious... You prefer it to be harder? or are you on the arcade, push a couple of buttons person.

I'm trying to think out a divide, those who will get an account and seldom play, allowing them limited reward, and those who play daily allowing them maximum opportunity.

Yeah, I won't drum out excuses on my behalf, but I was a regular player for some time, and then a combination of life and resentment took over. Lets just say there were some surly characters doing Truckingsim, and I decided I had better things to do. Surly in that they didn't want someone coming up with any ideas contrary to theirs. Namely making it more realistic and more about truck driving.

I'll spare you any more details. Suffice it to say I didn't feel welcome anymore.

I actually made a return because I enjoy the "idea" of what Jeffan had developed. There was a feeling that you were accomplishing something in the trucking world, and it was easy. Too easy.

I've always had a beef with the realism. I'm 54 years old. I'm a retired soldier who at the age of 10 thought I would be a trucker. The closest I got was working on trucks, namely at the truck plant at Kenworth in Renton WA, (hence the moniker, AerodyneNine). But I've taken an interest in Trucking my whole life and since I found Trukz and its reincarnation, Truckingsim, I've felt it could evolve into something any wannabe trucker could be proud of.

You have any questions, or want me to elaborate on my research, or want me to actually compile some data for you, I'm all yours. I'm passionate about the profession.

I'm also pretty deep into American Trucking Sim, SCS's Pedal to the Metal, and Haulin', and Euro Trucking Sim.

I'm glad someone picked up the mantle and is looking to improve on what I feel is decent sim. I realize the divide you're trying to bridge pits the detail oriented hobbyist vs. the kid who likes trucks and just wants to click a few and move on. Then you have the types who really want realism but never have any time budgeted to sit down with it. I usually spend about two hours every other day doing something with computers and trucking... so there is some data right there.

My advice (Not that you asked for it) is to hope you can find a middle ground, but I would go as realistic as you can. The hardcore folks are the ones who appreciate what they already have and will stick with it, even if that means adjusting the learning curve. Besides that, what do you want to develop? Something that actually forces you to learn new things about something you're passionate about or adds to the already endless drivel that people see on their computer every day?

Anyway, I'm babbling away. I'll hit the road for now.


Some simple applied math.

Short trip of 186 miles $0.50ppm| 93$

186miles/5mpg  with fuel at $4.00pg|149$

Clearly a problem

372 miles 0.50 ppm| 186$

297$ for fuel.

1488miles 0.50ppm| 744$

1191$ fuel.

0.50ppm will only work 2.00 dollar fuel prices.

Which means I need to edit things