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Official Logistics Sim Online Announcement

As many of you know, at the end of March 31, 2020, TruckingSim.com will be officially retired and shutdown. For many of us, this will be a sad day as it has been a great game and became a great community through the 11 years of its life. The founder Jefffan24 and many contributors work very hard to provide a place for us to build a community and we thank them all for their hard work and dedication.

With the retirement of TruckingSim.com, I, who many of you may know me as OTRFan88 on TruckingSim.com, want to introduce a new game called Logistics Sim Online. It is an online logistics game allowing the members to simulate the transporting goods all over. This will not be a graphics-dependent game, allowing anyone with a web browser to play. As of today, it is in its beginning stage, which means it will not have all the features implemented. But, at the same time, it may never be completed as it will be continuously developed for the players and hopefully community it grows. The game will be open to suggestions from you guys to help it grow and improve.

So, what will be available on the initial release? I would love to have a lot more developed compared to that will be available, but unfortunately, that is not the case. What I will say though, the game will have constant development and planning to have a consistent release schedule providing new features and updates to the game. Bugfixes will not be scheduled as I will want to fix any issues promptly. So, some juicy information on the game:

  • All users will have the ability to drive as an owner-operator.
  • All drivers will be able to select a load, drive from point A to point B, and even cancel a load.

What will be implemented soon after:

  • Exhaustion level will be implemented (once you hit the max exhaustion level, you will not be able to drive. Additional features will be implemented later.
  • Banking will allow us to implement currency within the game.
  • Companies will allow players to work together and create a transportation empire. (Banking is required for this to be implemented.) Company Owners: If you have already reserved your company name, they will be available and will be in contact with me at our company forums you already have access to.

Future plans:

  • Load Contracts (there will be different types including renewal & specialized loads)
  • Equipment Purchases (drivers and companies)
  • Equipment Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Cargo types
  • Specialized Permits & Endorsements
  • and more...

I am excited to get this out there and continue to build a game that everyone can enjoy. Now, I do request your patience as I am doing this in my free time. Like many others, I have a family, a job (hopefully soon) and other obligations, and hosting the game is not free. But I am going to be dedicating time to the game as well. I may consider a donation program for the game but it will not be required.

When the game is up and running, you will see an official announcement on this forum with all the information you need. I am excited to keep the TruckingSim alive and growing.