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# of Driver Rule Update - Poll

Should we allow 5 drivers per household / IP?
No (keep at 4)
Yes (allow 5)

Please vote.  And feel free to add a reply below with your thoughts/reasons for your vote.

Might be a good idea, its hard for companies with just 4 trucks.

I want an option to go to 1 driver!

I suggest 8 drivers per household / IP.

First why is this even a n issue? Perspective, for main contracts one must have a company consisting of five trucks.  But the sub contracts should be enough right?  Well there are those who experiences the productivity of those who play once in a while so put a high requirements trucks on sub contracts.  Could the could be redone to allow main contracts down to one driver? One reason why t is initially a worthless effort and another reason is that any additional code in the format of which the game was originally scripted would not 'code'.   Why would it be a pointless idea? the bigger companies would take these contracts despite being able to run bigger ones because participation rate.


Why even muse this much, when four goes to five and then eight, well, next comes the porn spam.


View on per household limit.  Half or less of the people do all the work, let them have as many accounts as they actually login into consistently.

I voted YES...  Personally I would open it up with no IP restrictions.  Anyone hoss enough to handle more trucks is welcome to it.

@Dattac: Sir when will this poll end & when will be the poll result implemented in truckingsim? Sorry for my bad English. I hope you understand what I'm trying to ask.