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New version of Trucking Sim plans

That is unfortunate. I have been going back into the old forums to read through the original proposals, ideas/suggestions and general feedback to get ideas (even messaged jefffan24 to see if I can get in touch with him). I know the goal both Jeff and Bjornski was to have the project open source. But it seems like the v2.0 died soon after the design contest, unless I am missing threads on the original forum.

I would definitely love to see some feedback as I start digging deeper and planning things out. I’m jumping back in the game, maybe even start my own company for the first time (Ran with Great Lakes Logistics back  in the day). But it is great to see the community is still alive.

@badmothertrucker what kind of development experience do you have? PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, etc?

@peter8795   I have developed many .NET web applications using VB.NET and C# for the financial industry.   I have begun learning Python recently, but not an expert yet.   🙂


What are you thinking of coding in?    I have not yet started coding anything.

I have begun jotting down some ideas as well that I think would make for a more in-depth game experience.  Some are ideas from the forums.


  • Only one account allowed per IP
  • Up to 3 drivers per account (This should take care of families looking to play together, roommates, etc.)


  • New drivers can opt to join a company which may supply a truck and trailer  and pay the driver per mile + Bonuses (TBD) or may take out a loan, and purchase a truck themselves (owner-operator option).
  • Company Drivers
    • Drivers will be paid per mile and will be reimbursed for fuel and maintenance costs on the road.
    • Cost of living, insurance costs (reduced) will be paid by the driver.
      • If truck is damaged due to reckless driving, driver will have a choice to pay for damages or have an increase in insurance premium.
    • Companies will profit from drivers because they will get percentage of each load they deliver and can bid on larger contracts  (See company section).
    • Owner Operators will be able to get small contracts from suppliers once they have earned  a certain reputation level  (reputations levels will be determined based on deliveries made on time, load conditions, etc.)
    • Owner-Operators will be able to buy a trailer to get in an increase in PPM but will be limited to hauling a specific type of goods.  
    • Owner-Operators will pay for their own fuel costs, truck maintenance in addition to cost of living.
      • They will receive higher reputation points and experience levels for completing routes successfully.
      • They will also receive higher PPM than company drivers but will not receive bonuses.
  • Specialty items
    • Higher PPM than regular loads
    • Require permits to haul based on category
      • Experience level to haul specialty items will vary based on category of specialty item - TBD
      • A certain reputation level must be maintained to retain permits
      • Companies must reach/maintain a specific reputation level to be able to bid on contracts containing specialty items
  • Reputation
    • Drivers -  Reputation points (including negative) will be based on cargo condition when delivered, and whether or not the cargo was delivered on time
    • Companies -
      • Overall company reputation will be based on average driver reputation and contract completion success rate

Driver details that will be collected/displayed during game:

  • Driver Age - days(current date minus created date)
  • Experience Level  (Higher experience levels can lead to more options (specialty cargo, etc.)
  • Distance Travelled - This will be total number of miles a driver has driven since joining this game (this is not truck specific)
  • Fatigue Level -  Fatigue Level cannot exceed 100%   - Certain tasks can be completed without impacting Fatigue  
  • Current Location - Where the driver is on the map. 
  • Home City - Where the driver calls home
  • Driver Reputation
  • Hunger level - Drivers will be required to purchase meals from truck stops


  • There will be new truck dealerships and used truck lots
  • New players will have the option of buying new/used trucks (both will require loans)
  • Companies will be able to buy multiple trucks (Fleet info TBD)
  • Trucks will require regular maintenance - tires, oil changes, etc.  Periodically overhauls will be required.  Failure to follow proper maintenance plans will result in an increase in problems:
    • Reduced gas mileage
    • Random mechanical failure chances increase

Truck details that will be collected/displayed during the game:

  • Truck Make/Model/Year
  • Truck Location >> For company dispatch use
  • Truck Condition (Body)
  • Engine Condition
  • Fuel Level
  • Oil Change Interval
  • Tire Wear Indicator (Mileage Based)   >> Wear impacts gas mileage and top speed >>> Increased chance of blowouts
  • Odometer
  • Fuel Capacity
  • MPG
  • Weight Capacity


Add-Ons will impact things such as  top speed, MPG, etc.

Add-On types - TBD


  • Trailers can be purchased by owner-operators as well as companies
  • Trailers will impact the type of cargo that can be hauled, but will increase PPM values.

Trailer Details that will be collected/displayed during the game:

  • Trailer Type
  • Trailer Condition (Body)
  • Tire Wear Indicator (Mileage Based) 

Trailer Types:

  • Car carrier
  • Reefer
  • Flatbed
  • Dry Van
  • Lowboy
  • Tanker

Distribution Centers

  • Goods will be region specific
  • At least one location per state

Drop Off Locations

  • Demands - TBD
  • At least one location per state


  • Route ETAs will be determined based on distance
  • Companies
    • A Dispatcher will decrease ETA by a certain percentage (emulates route management to avoid road closures, accidents, etc.)   TBD
    • GPS receivers (Trucks equipped with this device will get an efficiency bonus on routes, regardless of company owned, or personally owned trucks)  Percentage TBD
  • Owner-Operators
    • GPS receivers (Trucks equipped with this device will get an efficiency bonus on routes, regardless of company owned, or personally owned trucks)  Percentage TBD
  • Random events
    • Random events can potentially impact route ETAs as well  >> These will be .
    • Event types:
      • Traffic jam >>  Traffic jams are unavoidable and can occur at almost any time - this will increase route ETA (time algorithm TBD)
      • Weather >> Adverse weather can impact route ETAs negatively as well and can be random, however, region and time of year would also impact.
      • Time Impact
      • Accident Impact
        • Accident >>  Accidents are a part of driving and can be a result of weather, careless driving, speeding, or could the fault of other drivers (an algorithm to calculate the frequency of these events will be created and tweaked as needed)
      • Accidents can lead to truck damage
      • Accidents can lead to trailer damage
      • Accidents can lead to product damage
      • Accidents can be major or minor depending on weather and traffic conditions
        • Major accidents can lead to inoperable trucks (inability to finish a route, total loss of product, etc.)
        • Minor accidents can add to ETA for route and impact deadlines for normal and contract routes and still cause damage to trucks, trailers and product
          • Check points -  Police may stop you randomly to review your manifest
          • Weigh Stations - Weigh stations will be placed randomly to ensure you are within your legal weight
          • Speeding -  Speeding is a controllable event that can be avoided by not speeding
      • Speed and additional factors will increase likelihood of being in an accident.  
      • Amount above speed limit will also increase likelihood of being stopped by police.
      • Radar Detector (Optional item) if equipped in truck can reduce likelihood of being stopped but will not alter chance of accident.
      • Speeding tickets will:
        • Cause an increase in insurance premium (regardless of driver type)
        • Be an out of pocket expense (payment for fine)
        • Decrease driver reputation
        • Increase route ETA
          • Wildlife
      • Wildlife tends to end up in roadways from time to time.  This will be a completely random occurrence and is not impacted by other factors.   For impacts to route and loads:
        • See speeding
        • See accidents


  • Cargo will be region specific as much as possible
  • Cargo Types:
    • Bulldozers
    • Coal
    • Aircraft
    • Aircraft Supplies
    • Soybeans
    • Livestock
    • Cars
    • Petroleum  ***
    • Gold
    • Computer components
    • Iron scrap
    • Diamonds
    • Automobile Parts
    • Grain
    • Medical Supplies
    • Seafood
    • Cotton
    • Coffee
    • Dairy
    • Fruits & Veggies
    • Poultry
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Construction Materials
    • Wood
    • Explosives ***
    • Chemicals  ***
    • Furniture
    • Nuclear Waste
    • Tools
    • Water
    • Plastic
    • Frozen Foods
    • Sugar
    • Textiles
    • Clothing
    • Gravel
    • Dirt
    • Farm Equipment
    • Fertilizer  ***
    • Modular Homes
  • Contracts will be awarded to the lowest bidder
    • Companies/Owner-operators must reach certain reputation level before being allowed to bid on certain contracts.
    • Failure to complete awarded contracts will result in a loss of reputation points in addition to a penalty ($$).
    • Contracts for Owner-operators will be significantly smaller than that of companies.   Rewards and penalties will differ.
  • Destinations
    • Destinations will cover all of the continental US, Canada and Mexico to start
      • Plans to expand - timeline TBD
    • Each state will have a minimum of one Destination/Distribution Center

  • Companies
    • Requirements:
      • 20k in cash/bank
      • Minimum reputation level of 3.5
      • Minimum experience level of 5
    • Perks:
      • Ability to bid on contracts
      • Ability to hire drivers
      • Ability to buy additional trucks/trailers - details TBD
      • Ability to expand (buy terminals)
    • Financials:
      • Insurance Costs  - TBD
      • Company Wages - TBD
      • Stocks -  TBD
    • Terminals:
      • Companies can have a central hub as well as satellite hubs.
        • Hubs can be upgraded to offer additional discounts to its drivers (TBD)

@badmothertrucker I have worked with PHP pretty much my whole professional career, primarily LEMP/LAMP stacks, and a few different frameworks within PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel, a little CakePHP & Symfony for fun). So, that was where I was planning on heading. But that is my comfort level. You definitely a bit of brainstorming with your previous post, where I have been still brainstorming the MVP mentally, but also thinking of any issues that may come up (GDPR .... something that has been haunting me lately on another project I've been wanting to work on). I have been thinking about how to deploy the whole project as well (implementing repo and auto-deployment), but still new to the DevOps side.


@peter8795 I see.   Unfortunately, my knowledge of DevOps is limited.   I had really just begun to think about how I wanted to approach it and the best technology to use for writing the app.   What do you think about working on this together?   I can start reading up on PHP since you are clearly more comfortable using it than anything else.    I'll have a learning curve, but pick up on things pretty fast.   Also, I have a good deal of knowledge on the data side of things.  I should be able to help out a lot along the way.  Let me know your thoughts.


@badmothertrucker We can possibly work that out. I'm sure there are some details we will want to work out just to make sure everyone is in agreeance. Do you have Discord, Slack, (so we can start discussing things)? Or do you still have access to the old forums, where we can message there?


@peter8795 I don't think I can access the older forums anymore.   I am on Discord  (SteadyGamer).  You can feel free to message me there and we can discuss... 




"#" number?

@badmothertrucker Mine is Peter S.#0873