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New version of Trucking Sim plans

Quote from Daisy on April 9, 2019, 6:11 am

I read somewhere that you were planning to make the new game as accessible as the old one, for those of us who use screenreading software. I just wanted to say Thank You in advance. I can't say much about the appearance of the new site, but for screen reader users, I can say that headings, links, and combo boxes are really helpful for making choices. Pretty much like what the game has now, except I would suggest a heading or two. For example on your route display, one heading for the table with the main info, and another for the other info at the bottom of the page.

Yes, I'm taking in to account the KISS philosophy which keeps things simple and in doing so makes things simple for most players. This way of creating doesn't need me to think of 2 ways to do things for 2 different game audiences. Thanks for the reminder of using headers/headings. They will be in-game. Still a while to go though, i'm a one-man show haha.

Like the looks of all of this Loops.. keep at it.


Hows the new game coming along Sir Loops.

lol, looks like the forum is dead to.