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Curiosity: Is there any current development on the existing v1.0?

Are any of the developers still active? I know Jeff stopped. But I am seeing suggestions in this forum of changes and was curious if there is any activity in the development side.

No, there is not currently any developers (or development) going on with  There was someone talking about making a completely new version of the game, but he has not been heard from lately either.


We have the game we have (for now) and have to make the best of it.

Are you talking about Loops?

Yes, I was talking about Loops.

I’m sure this has been brought up a couple times in the past since Jeff retired from the project. If someone were to develop a game inspired by, would they be able to mention it in the forums here

As this is a forum for, I’m not sure if that would be allowed, if so where.

Yes, we can start a whole new thread or main category to discuss development if there is interest.

it is best to reach me in the game at dattac