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5 Drivers per IP/Household - TruckingSim.com

This was for TruckingSim.com only

Starting on October 14, 2019 we will start to allow 5 drivers per household/IP. This will be on a trial basis while we see how it impacts the game. Anyone with more than 5 drivers will be suspended/deleted based on circumstances.

Anyone with more than 4 drivers should have all of their drivers listed in the bio of each one of their drivers (see my driver bios as an example... Accounts : dattac, tacdat, dattest, tactest).  You can update your bio from Settings on the left menu.  The first driver listed should be the main account.  This is the one which will be contacted if there is a need to do so.

Please send me any questions in game using a Private Message or posting on the newusers CB.